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Each page throughout the book rhymes and forms part of a short story and adventure.

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Each book is perfect for a short bedtime story, leaving children waggling for more.

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Meet the Author

Stephen Stratford is a Yorkshire based writer and illustrator of the Rocky and Dog series, that was inspired by his love for huskies.

What made you create the book?
Stephen has a love and passion for huskies, one day he hopes to own two named both Rocky and Dog, when his lifestyle can accommodate the undivided attention they will require.

As a joke he had two soft toy huskies, which were named Rocky and Dog and they would pretty much go everywhere he went. The idea came to light when they went on a holiday to Tenerife, this is when the first adventure was created.

Book Summary

Join Rocky and Dog on their magical adventure to Lapland.

Snoozing by the fire dreaming of doggy treats, toys and big bowls of meat.

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